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2020 Physician of the Year

The LVIM Physician of the Year Award is given to a physician who exhibits exceptional practice, passion for LVIM’s mission, dedication to patient care, and who is also appreciated and lauded by his or her peers. This year’s Physician of the Year is no stranger to our community. He is a well-known and deeply loved […]

LVIM End of Year Celebration

In the spirit of the holidays and in the era of COVID-19, our End of Year Celebration is Virtual this year! There are two virtual links below. Our End of Year video highlights our 2020 achievements.  Our segment of Holiday Cooking with LVIM allows you to join us in your kitchen for a Thanksgiving Reboot […]

Spread Joy, Not Germs

by Caroline Benitez This holiday season spread joy, not germs. Social distancing and face masks should be on your to-do list this winter, but make sure to check it twice- and add hand washing to keep yourself and others healthy. The CDC estimates that regular hand washing can reduce your everyday risk of respiratory infection […]

Welcome Eva Hawkins!

It is with warm excitement that I get to introduce LVIM’s new Volunteer Manager to you! Meet Eva Hawkins! Eva comes to LVIM with an array of experience and a passion for LVIM’s mission. For the last four years, she has been the Watson Clinic Foundation’s Arts in Medicine Coordinator where she worked with volunteers […]

Early Detection Saves Lives

by Caroline Benitez According to the American Cancer Society, 276,480 women will be diagnosed with a new case of breast cancer in the United States each year, making it the most common kind of cancer among women. At LVIM, we realize that early detection through mammography screening is essential in catching cancer in its early […]

LVIM is Fighting the Pink Tax for Pink Month

During the month of October, LVIM is taking part in a feminine products drive.  Did you know around 1 in 4 women struggle to afford period products? You might be asking how you can help.  You can drop off items such as pads, tampons, pantyliners, and feminine wipes at LVIM.  Our address is 600 West […]

Cholesterol & Diabetes

by Caroline Benitez When it comes to managing type 2 diabetes, monitoring blood sugar is probably the first step that comes to mind, but there’s another number worth keeping an eye on – cholesterol. For many patients with diabetes, LDL cholesterol is more likely to be elevated. Chronically high levels of this “bad” kind of […]

Returning to LVIM

We have all had time in the last several months to assess what is important in the world and especially what is important in our own world. Many of us have discovered that time spent with loved ones and time spent in solitude is important.  Time to enjoy the simpler things in life – a […]

World Hepatitis Day

by Caroline Benitez World Hepatitis Day (WHD) takes places every year on July 28th bringing the world together under a single theme to raise awareness of the global burden of viral hepatitis and to influence real change. In 2020 the theme is ‘Find the Missing Millions’. When your liver is healthy, you won’t notice as […]

COVID-19 Response

A NOTE FROM ALICE Alice V. Koehler, MBA | President & CEO July 23, 2020 Throughout history, when people are faced with challenges, we see them either retreat or lean in, crumble or build.  Challenging times, if we let them, will get the best of us.  Conversely, however, challenging times can also make the best […]