2018 Leaders of Polk


The Lakeland Derby is comprised of 3 races and one of these is called the Derby Dash – Featuring the Leaders of Polk. This race is comprised of 10 teams/20 jockeys of whom are hand picked by their current year sponsor to represent Lakeland’s best and brightest young, community business leaders. The Leaders of Polk race jockeys have 2 opportunities to win. Awards and recognition are given to both the winner of the swan race and to the team who raises the most donations for LVIM.  It’s a fun, friendly and competitive way for the leaders to share the mission and to raise money for LVIM. Leaders of Polk Jockeys are announced at our annual press conference held in January. Fundraising begins at 12:01 a.m., exactly 1 month prior to the Derby and will cease at midnight on the night before the Derby event. 

We are excited to announce the

Loud Mouth Swans: Becky Troutman & Sam Killebrew
Hit Me Baby Swan More Time: Cindy Dykes & Steve Ledford
Swantabulous: Lindsey Cope & Ricky Peacock
Swanderful: Dercee Roberts & Clay Roberts
The Federal Swan: Lori Bremer-Long & Stuart Simm
Where Swanning is a Pleasure: Hilary Stubock & Terrance White
Team Name PENDING: Elizabeth Clark-Taylor & Gregory Fancelli
Team Name PENDING: Chand Langford & (Partner Pending)
Team Name PENDNING: (Bartow Ford: TBA)

2018-2019 MAMA SWAN

Lakeland Derby 2018 Mama Swan

Lakeland Derby 2018 Mama Swan

Kathryn is a Lakeland native who maintains an active involvement in not only the Lakeland community but also its surrounding communities. She is employed with MADE in Lakeland as an Account Executive and Business Developer, and she is a 2012 graduate of the University of South Florida with a B.S. in Marketing.
Kathryn is used to wearing many hats, switching gears with ease. She currently serves as the Chair of ENGAGE, an Ambassador with the Bartow Chamber, graduate of Leadership Bartow, Class XVI, Board Member for the Early Learning Coalition and her 2017 Leaders of Polk team , Lakeland’s Most Swanted was the proud winner of the 2017 Derby Dash and the 2nd place finisher in their fundraising efforts, raising $8793 for LVIM!
“The benefits LVIM provides in our community are hard to truly quantify and the success of the Lakeland Derby goes a long way in helping them perform their mission. My experience as a Leader of Polk was amazing and I am honored and excited about the opportunity to be Mama Swan, but know I have HUGE shoes to fill. Greta and Kim have blazed an impressive path before me and I look forward to leading the next Leaders of Polk, it’s going to be a great year!”


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