COVID-19 Position Statement

On August 19, 2021, the LVIM Board of Trustees officially adopted the

LVIM COVID-19 Position Statement.

In summary, it states:

In response to COVID-19, LVIM remains focused on maintaining operations, stewarding resources, and continuing to live up to our mission to provide high-quality, compassionate, free healthcare to the working uninsured of Polk County, FL.  At LVIM, the Circle of Caring is the foundation of our culture:

May we have eyes to see those rendered invisible and excluded,

Open arms and hearts to reach out and include them,

Healing hands to touch their lives with love,

And in the process heal ourselves.


LVIM provides access to healthcare, education, prevention and primary healthcare to ensure that our clients get well and stay well so they can stay out of the hospital, continue living fulfilling lives, provide for their families, and contribute to the greater community.

LVIM is also built on the foundation of volunteers and takes very seriously the call to protect those who serve our clients.

LVIM’s COVID-19 Position, Policies and Procedures reflect this culture of caring.

At LVIM, we believe that kindness, love, and respect are universal.

And, it is LVIM’s strong conviction that masks and vaccinations

are the most effective tools to stop the spread of COVID-19.


To read our full Position Statement please click here.