May 2024 Volunteer of the Month

Congratulations to Cheryl Blanke, LVIM’s Volunteer of the Month for May 2024! Cheryl’s dedication shines through her roles as both a Medical & Clinical Assistant at LVIM. With over 280 volunteer hours, Cheryl’s contribution has a remarkable service value of nearly $9,000.

Before joining LVIM, Cheryl demonstrated her commitment to community health as the GI Manager at Lakeland Surgical and Diagnostic Center for over 20 years. During her tenure there, she collaborated with Dr. Eliezer Izsak, and it’s delightful to note that Cheryl now assists Dr. Izsak as his Medical Assistant at LVIM.

Cheryl’s enthusiasm for her work at our Bartow location reflects the strong bonds within our team. Cheryl’s positive spirit and dedication embody the essence of volunteerism, and we’re honored to recognize her achievements. Congratulations once again, Cheryl, on this well-deserved recognition!♥️