National Doctors Day

The hard work and dedication demonstrated by the doctors at LVIM has always been appreciated and always will be. Today, March 30th gives us a chance to express how much these volunteers have made a difference for those in need.

It is National Doctors’ Day! The first formal celebration of doctors dates back to March 30th, 1933 to honor the physicians in Georgia. Eudora Brown Almond led the movement to mail thank you letters to physicians and place red carnations on the graves of deceased doctors to show thanks. Later in 1991, President George H. W. Bush Proclaimed March 30th is National Doctors’ Day to honor physicians for their dedication and leadership. This date was chosen because on March 30th, 1842 the first use of ether as anesthesia for surgery was done successfully. This led to many medical advancements.

We want to encourage everyone reading this to send a thank you letter to your doctor for their hard work and perseverance during these times. These men and women have dedicated their lives to improving ours.

In appreciation of the many doctors providing care here at LVIM purely for the benefit of our community, here is our letter to you:

Dear Dr. Glen Barden, Dr. Robert Chapman, Dr. Gregory Cook, Dr. Gregory Daniel, Dr. Kevin Dorsett, Dr. Robert Eanett, Dr. Raju Kotipoyina, Dr. James Magnusen, Dr. Eduardo Moreno, Dr. Thomas Oates, Dr. Jeffrey Puretz, Dr. Richard Rutherford, Dr. Fred Schreiber, Dr. Hugo Tapia, and Dr. Uzi Talit,

You all have used your brains, your hands, and your hearts to care for the people of Polk County. You all have made an astronomically valuable contribution to the patients of Lakeland Volunteers in Medicine. We want to thank you for your selfless work. Thank you for your dedication to practicing medicine in the purest form. All of your hard work has been recognized by the staff, volunteers, and patients to create a strong, healthy community.