Returning to LVIM

We have all had time in the last several months to assess what is important in the world and especially what is important in our own world.

Many of us have discovered that time spent with loved ones and time spent in solitude is important.  Time to enjoy the simpler things in life – a walk outside, a butterfly, a garden, an afternoon nap, a telephone conversation with an old friend, a good book (and plenty of time to read it), baking bread or cookies, watching an old movie, reflecting on our faith.

During this time, I have also discovered that a set schedule of running here or there and having to meet a deadline, are not things I really enjoy.  However, one of the things I truly missed during April and May was my time helping others at LVIM.  True, it’s a commitment, but it’s one I feel I need in my life.  Lending a hand to help others, especially at this time of panic and fear and not knowing what tomorrow will bring, is important.  I believe most of us as volunteers, see that we gain as much as we give when we work a shift at LVIM.  I can’t say I wasn’t a bit leery about returning in June to my position as a scheduler, however, LVIM has taken so many precautions to make it as safe as possible for its patients, staff, and volunteers.  We are now sitting behind plexiglass walls and wearing masks all the time.  The patients are not coming in for their prescriptions, but instead being serviced outside the front entrance.  Those who do enter have learned how to use the new electronic check-in method.  Constant cleaning and disinfecting are part of the daily routine now.  I actually feel safer than going to the grocery store.

I missed seeing the staff and the regulars.  I’m still missing the usual crew of volunteers since many have not yet returned.  I understand, but for me, it felt right to come back to give my time and energy to something so worthwhile.  I’ve learned to work with a whole new generation of volunteers.  Many students from high school and local colleges have been recruited to help in these last several months.  I find them dedicated, friendly, and oh so smart.  Yes, we old folks don’t learn as quickly as the younger group, but we try.

I have honestly felt so blessed with all I have, giving back is important.  Seeing how much has been taken away during this time for so many people has just made me more thankful.

And so during these serious times, some may even say hard times, I have felt a new appreciation for the volunteer work we do at LVIM.  We help and we are helped.  We inspire and we are inspired.  And there is still good in the world.

~ Pattie Johnson

Wednesday Morning Scheduler