Senior Orphans of Polk County

We are collecting gifts for Senior Orphans of Polk County. This organization provides Christmas gifts to seniors who would otherwise go without. If you would like to participate, please wrap and attach a note about the contents of your gift. Gifts will be collected at LVIM throughout the month.

All sizes Med – XXXL. Larger sizes and hygiene items needed most. ($15 limit)
Ladies: House Dresses, Robes, Nightgowns, Socks, Slippers, Sweaters
Men’s: Undershirts, Shirts, Pajamas (long pants), Socks, Underbriefs, Sweaters
Hygiene: Toothpaste/Toothbrush, lotion, deodorant, powder, shampoo, body soap, shaving cream
Misc: Fans, Puzzle books, Cleaning supplies, Towels, Clock radios, Laundry soap, Blankets