Healthy Delicious Recipes

Did you know LVIM has volunteer Nutrition Educator who works with our patients?  Throughout the month of June, we will be sharing some of the healthy and delicious recipes given to us by Katherine Bates on our social media.

Katherine Bates is a Florida native and a Nutrition Educator. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Dietetics & Nutrition where she studied anatomy & physiology, food science, advanced nutrition and dietetics management. She practices a holistic approach to supporting the whole person. Nutrition education is key, support is essential. Katherine also has a Health Coach Certificate in Nutrition & Wellness. She works primarily as a supportive advisor and wellness consultant helping clients feel their best through food & lifestyle changes by customizing a personalized wellness program to meet their needs. With dedication to improving the lifelong eating habits of children and teenagers, she believes that learning by doing the things they enjoy is best. As a proud mother of two boys, she enjoys engaging children & parents in food science and helping them discover nutrition through fun, memorable activities.

To learn more about Katherine and for a full list of recipes click here Recipes for LVIM from Katherine Bates.