Tax Form 1095

As tax season approaches, we want to clarify some important information regarding tax form 1095 and its relevance to your healthcare coverage.

Many of you may be wondering about the significance of Form 1095 and whether you need it for your tax returns. Form 1095 is a series of tax forms introduced with the Affordable Care Act, designed to report your healthcare coverage during a tax year.

However, it’s crucial to note that LVIM is not health insurance, and therefore, we do not provide tax form 1095. This means that you will not receive Form 1095 from LVIM for your healthcare coverage.

Here’s a summary to help you determine if you need Form 1095 for your federal tax return:

  • You do not need Form 1095 to file your federal return if:
    • You had health insurance through your employer, a government program, or another non-marketplace source,
    • You receive Form 1095-B or Form 1095-C.
  • You do need Form 1095 to file your federal return if:
    • You obtained health insurance through a federal or state marketplace.
    • You receive Form 1095-A.

If you receive a Form 1095 from another entity, please keep your copy with your tax records for reference.

Thank you for entrusting LVIM with your healthcare needs. We remain committed to supporting you in every way possible.

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Form 1095-A: Marketplace Insurance Statement
Form 1095-B: Health Coverage
Form 1095-C: Employer-Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage