Together We Heal

Today, tens of millions in America live without health insurance – or much hope. That’s where we come in. Over 25 years ago Dr. Jack McConnell dared to imagine the possible in the face of the impossible. He imagined, what if we didn’t see patients but simply saw people? What if treating those people with kindness, understanding and dignity was as important as giving them healthcare? And what if in giving them good medicine, we also gave them hope? Hope in their health. Hope in one other. Hope in our communities.

Then Dr. McConnell and some fellow healthcare friends willed and worked what they imagined into reality, building the original Volunteers in Medicine Clinic in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina that continues to flourish to this day. Then Dr. McConnell founded Volunteers In Medicine America so other communities across the nation could have their own Volunteers in Medicine clinic. Today there are more 90 clinics in 30 states serving over 100,000 people.

Along the way something happened we could never have imagined. Those of us providing the healing began to heal something inside of ourselves as well.

Our videos capture that caring and healing interaction between caregivers and care receivers. Please go to our website to see how you can help – by making a donation, volunteering, starting a clinic, or joining our network.